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At present, most people are using Android mobiles rather than an iPhone. Though people would like to use the iPhone, they cannot afford to buy it because of the price. Don’t worry, as there will be an iOS emulator for android available for Android users to make use of IOS apps on their android mobile. With the help of an emulator for android, users would gain the exact features of iPhone on their android device.

Here is the complete guide of iemu ios emulator apk for android. Alongside, you can avail of the procedure on how to download and install iEMU App. Let us discuss below the iEMU Apk and its features.


iEMU/Padoid APK for Android:

Everyone would have a question “What actually an iemu apk is?” Without understanding it, you cannot able to download any APK. Here is the answer was given to the above question. The iEMU APK would be an application for Android in order to run iOS apps on android mobile. Also referred to as Padoid APK, iEMU APK intends to convert the user interface of your Android to iOS. As an open source emulator for android, Padoid APK helps in installing and running the iOS apps on your android device.

Though it seems to be the best android emulator, you cannot afford to download it from the Google Play Store. Instead, you have to download the application for Android using the third party websites. Unbelievably, iEMU APK is the most popular android emulator for iOS and so, you could able to download it without any fear though you do not own any Anti-virus. The iEMU APK is reliable and trustworthy to download on your Android device that would offer you the exact features as similar to the iOS device experience.

What you can grab from an iEMU APK:

First, people have to think about the importance of downloading iEMU APK. In case you are downloading something, then it needs to benefit you by all means. Therefore, you should get to know regarding the key features of iEMU APK. Take a glance at the essential features of the iEMU IOS Emulator.

  • You can use almost all the iOS applications with the help of iEMU APK
  • App size is less than four MegaBytes
  • The app has a user-friendly interface, which is very easy to access
  • iEMU App is accessible free of charge
  • Application free from virus
  • When you run iOS on android, iEMU uses only a less memory space
  • Support older version of Android operation systems

There is no need to root your device while using the iEMU APK. You can also root your android device if you need. This is because iEMU APK will also work on the rooted device.

What do you consider for iemu apk download?

To download this iEMU APK on your Android device, there are some requirements you have to check on your device. These are some basic requirements popular for almost all the APK files. Ultimately, you can check the given below requirements:

  • First, you must have an internet connection
  • Your Android device should at least have a ram memory of 256 MB
  • The minimum storage space of your Android device should be 80 MB
  • The starting android version is 2.3 or above

In case your android device possesses these basic eligibility criteria, you can start downloading Padoid APK.

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Installing iEMU APK File:

Here is the brief procedure to install iEMU APP since installation is an essential thing as far as an application concerned. This is because the application will become a problem if anything would go wrong while installing the app. Therefore, go through the given below step-by-step simple procedure with an utmost care.

You can go straight if you already have an experience in the installation of APK files. Or else, just go through the procedure once if you have any doubts. Those who are a newbie to the installation can check the following and install the iEMU application properly.

Step 1: Go to Settings and Turn On the Unknown Sources

If you are aware of this tab, just go ahead and turn on the source. Please follow the steps if you aren’t aware of it.

  • In your android phone, go to settings and then, toggle down to security settings.



  • Click the security setting in which, search for the unknown sources tab. Simply, turn it on. Remember that it is just a procedure so that select ok if it asks for permission.


Step 2: Now download the iEMU APK under the download section

Step 3: Once you download the app, open the APK file

Step 4: You would see a pop-up menu appearing to ask for installation

Step 5: Select “Install” option

Step 6: Installation process starts on your android device

Step 7: After completing the installation, open the iEMU APP

Step 8: iEMU app would now ask for permission and so, grant all the permission because it won’t harm your mobile

Step 9: Everything is over. You can now enjoy using iOS applications on your Android phone using iEMU App.


How to make use of an iOS emulator on Android:

  • Just downloading the APK file is not enough, as it needs you to use it perfectly. Go through the instruction and make your Android device look just like an iPad or iPhone.
  • Return to the home screen of your Android
  • Find out the APK on your home screen and click to launch it.
  • Now select “Open” and select the right ipa file of iOS app. This takes some time.

By this way, you can able to install iOS games or apps on your android device.

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To conclude, you understood everything about iEMU APK for android. There is no doubt that iEMU APK is the best iOS emulator. You can also download another iPhone emulator for Android in case you face any issues. Enjoy an iPhone experience by downloading and running several iOS applications on your android device.


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