Pokesniper APK

For all the gamers and Pokemon fans this is the best place for you to read about what is Pokesniper APK. This app will surely go to let you catch more of your favorite Pokemon.

Pokemon go when launched become one of the major sensation for the country. Everybody wanted to score points by catching more and more pokemon daily. Though this game is interesting, it is not that simple to catch Pokemon characters.

This article will talk in detail about the app Pokesniper APK, how you can use it on multiple iOS devices like mac book, apple phones and likewise. Downloading this apk will help you stay on top of leader board with high scores.

So if you want to excel in capturing more Pokemon the Pokesniper APK 2018 is the right app for you. Sit back and go through the points explaining every important point in details.


What is Pokesniper APK 2018?

Pokesniper APK
Pokesniper APK
  • Pokesniper is simple and easy to use the app. It is Pokemon Go sniper app which is available on iOS, Android, and Windows PC devices. This sniper app increases your chances of catching all exclusive and popular pokemon character.
  • The best part about this apk is that you don’t need to move away from the comfort of your couch, thus staying secure and avoiding unnecessary accidents. Pokemon sniper exactly true to its name works in the same nature as any sniper. It allows you to easily catch a pokemon character in any range.
  • Through this apk, you can catch an unlimited number of pokemon character instead of waiting for new notifications. This power play can help you finish you Pokedex by catching all the high-class and local Pokemon characters.
  • The feature in this app known as “home coordinates’ has made it soft ban

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How To Use Pokesniper APK 2018?

  • Read FAQ carefully before using this app to avoid any further problem like soft ban and shadow ban.
  • Add details of the targeted Pokemon character you want to catch
  • Details are added on the crossing point provided by the app
  • Details require name and location with latitude and longitude
  • This information is available on Pokemon snipping sites
  • After filling in the details, tap the button to catch the Pokemon character
  • It will add in your account’s Pokebag
  • The app enables you to various s PTC (Pokemon trainer club) accounts.
  • You can easily shift caught Pokemon in an added PTC accounts.

Pokesniper APK Top Features 2018

Pokesniper comes with multiple features to help you stay on top of your game. The main aim of this feature is to maximize your catch of various Pokemon characters.



Major Features Of The App Are:

  • Rare of the rarest Pokemon character can be tracked down with the help of In fact, the character which your other player friends might not have can become a part of your collection with this app.
  • Pokesniper is committed to providing you with the precise location of the targeted Pokemon character. No matter if it rare or local you will 100 % catch it with the help of exact location.
  • The exact location of the popular Pokemon should easily allow you to go and catch the character, but sometimes the said location is quite far. Pokesniper exactly helps you in avoiding this situation. You catch pokemon from the comfort of your home.
  • Pokesniper teleports you to the location of the available pokemon character so that you can make it a part of your
  • You can even find 1001V class pokemon with the help of pokessnipper. This category of pokemon is rarely found and is unnamed, catching the pokemon form this category means going through lots of trouble.
  • Pokensiper is available on all major places so that you can download it on Android, iOS, and This gives the easy access to find the Pokesniper easily.
  • The best feature of the apk is that is it 100 percent free on every platform and every store like App store or Google play store.

Pokesniper For Android Downloading Process

  • Open play store search for Pokesniper for Android and download it or you an download the apk directly by clicking the below download button.


  • Find the location of downloaded APK file in your phone’s file manager folder and start installing it


  • It is not a very length process, once done with the installation you can start using it right away.
  • Use all its perks to increase your collection and show it off to your friends.
  • In case you face any trouble in installing process on your Android device, looks for settings option- and then security settings. After that enable the option of installing from an unknown source.

Pokesniper For iOS Downloading Process

  • Pokesniper for iOS is quite popular among the player of Pokemon go.
  • Pokesniper in-app store is constantly being updated to stay verified.
  • Search Pokesniper on App store and directly install it on your device.
  • Enter your password if system asks and tap on done.
  • Open the downloaded file on your device and start right away to make you collection talk of the town

Features Of PokesniperAPK 2018 For iOS Devices

  • iOS frequently update this app to stay certified and give you more opportunity to snipe exotic Pokémon’s.
  • iOS make is simple by providing exact coordinates of the Pokémon character.
  • Pokesniper on iOS comes with filter functions which you can use to add effects to see the filter on the location in which you want to catch is located.
  • iOS gives you precise coordinates of the desired Pokemon.
  • It will also tell you the time limit of long will the Pokemon stay there before changing the location.
  • Easily copy past coordinates simply tapping the desired Pokemon.
  • To get the latitude and longitude location distinctly, swipe right for Latitude and left for getting Longitude.

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Pokesniper apk is a very useful app for all the game nerds who are crazy about increasing catching rare Pokemon. It is a simple to use the app and let you score points easily without much hassle. So stop sitting ideal and start exploring this app to become a top player in this game.


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